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Caert-Thresoor is the only magazine published in the Netherlands to devote its efforts to the history of cartography. The articles pay attention to various aspects of historical cartography, such as plans of towns, fortifications and gardens, developments in styles of decoration and activities of individual mapmakers, engravers and publishers. Room is available for contributions on Dutch maps collections and for announcements of findings of unusual items. Readers of Caert-Thresoor are frequently informed of new literature and facsimile's or of exhibitions. Caert-Thresoor is issued four times a year since 1981. The journal has about 650 subscribers, mainly in the Netherlands. Generally, each issue contains two or three articles, reviews, news and announcements ('Varia Cartographica') and listings of new literature and facsimile's. The language of publication is Dutch, articles have a summary in English.

Each issue includes

Editorial committee:
Dr. Patricia Alkhoven,
Dr. Henk Deys,
Capt. Hans Kok,
Dr. Peter van der Krogt,
Drs. Sjoerd de Meer,
Drs. Wanita Resida,
Drs. Lida Ruitinga,
Drs. Martijn Storms,

Annual subscription rates: Netherlands 18.00, Belgium 25.00, all other countries 31.00

Dealers are invited to advertise, rates available on demand.


For Subscriptions:
Caert-Thresoor Administration,
P.O. Box 68,
2400 AB Alphen aan den Rijn,
The Netherlands
Editorial Committee:
Caert-Thresoor secretary,
Fac. Geosciences,
P.O. Box 80.115,
3508 TC Utrecht,
The Netherlands

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