Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998
From: Joep de Koning
Subject: 1653 Stand-alone engraved view of Nieuw Amsterdam

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Subsequent to my initial question of the origin of that view (click here to see te view) I have found two more engraved copies of the 1653 Visscher view in the Museum of the City of New York. They had been given by collectors J. Clarence Davies and Dr. N. Sulzberger. Like the one I have, these two copies also don't show plate marks. No mention of them anywhere: Stokes, Koeman, Campbell etc. The annotation said that the origin and date of the engraving was unknown. I have copied the watermarks hereon which shows a perfect match with the watermark on my copy, i.e., it is indeed atlas that carries a globe 11cm in diameter. The watermark on the other copy is a letter H with the letter J hanging in between. Neither the watermark book of Heawood nor the one of Churchill shows an atlas watermark of that size. We need a watermark/paper expert on the MapHist list to help figure out this mystery.

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