Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998
Subject: Can you help me identify this map?

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Can you help me identify this map?

The map an image is 11" X 14," and is handcolored. No title is on the image. It appears to be late 16th century or early 17th century. The top part of the image says "Virginiae Pars ab Anglis inhabitata" in the image. It shows two towns: "Iacqueville", "Statt Henryville", it also show two forts: "Propugna culum", Vor Schantz". It also says "Theil des Landes Virginia" through part of the land image. In the water its say "Ocean Pars". The bottom part of the image says "Groenlandia Pars" across the mountain in background. And "Walrufch oder Seepferdt" above the walrus and pup. This piece came out of the Rittenhouse collection from Dallas. If you can help me in anyway identify this, I would highly appreciate it.

Thank You & Best Regards Lee Leibold

Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998
From: Douglas McNaughton
Subject: Re: CAn you help me identify this map?

Dear All;

A bit more on the lower portion (Walrus and icebergs) of this ? map.

First of all it is a construction of two different works. The Hessel Gerritsz engraving of the Walrus with cub from the 1613 book HISTOIRE du Pays nomme SPITSBERGE. which I have mentioned previously. A colored version of this image was also on the verso of the Blaeu 1638 Nova Zimla map. [* See addition by PvdK below] (Covered by Bill Frank in earlier message).

Neither the engraving of 1613 nor the colored version in Blaeu 1638 have the text shown in the version we are currently examining. Also as previously noted the reverse image.
I have attached the colored Blaeu image of the Gerritsz engraving for comparison.
The map shown above the Icebergs and ship is one I have seen from the 16th century. I have not yet found the original source, but I am sure if I don't today someone else will. It has been published before. I just still can't remember in what. At any rate this is a construction of two items from different sources and time periods.

Addition [*] The engraving occurs in Blaeu's Atlas Maior, all editions since 1662, and not in the 1638 Blaeu atlas as far as I know. Blaeu used the same copperplate as used in the 1613 Histoire... (in some copies an earlier state is used without the text "Ad vivum delineatum ab Hesselo G.A."
Peter van der Krogt

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