Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 18:28:16 -0500
From: Joel Kovarsky

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Pardon my poor photographic skills with this attachment, but I am looking for some help here, if possible. The text surrounding the main image is in German, and the map title is "Universal=Historie auf der Land=Karten". The final historical item on the lower right is numerically labelled 247. I'm guessing this is mid-18th century. At the bottom of the map, outside the neatline, are a pair of hemispheres flanked by two celestial diagrams. When the map is held up to the light there appears to be a watermark on the right main image consisting of three lunar crescents connected by straight lines at both top and bottom. The female figure in the upper right of the map is sitting on a cloud and appears to be looking down with something resembling a telescope. the full map image, without text is 33x47cm.

Thank you for any assistance.

Joel Kovarsky

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