Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 14:58:16 -0600
From: "L. E. Leigh"
Subject: Le Bouteux's "Le Natchez"

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The attached map "Le Natchez" depicts the French settlement and surrounding Indian villages at Natchez, French Louisiana (present day Natchez, MS, USA) circa 1728. The original, an agua fortis print, is in the National Library, Lisbon. It is signed "B. Michel Le Bouteux", Jean Baptiste Michel Le Bouteux, born France 1682, died Lisbon 1764, according to the NL. I am interested in Le Bouteux's sources, especially with respect to the Indian villages. I am exploring the possible connection of this historian/engraver with Pierre Michel Le Bouteux, a painter of historical subjects born Paris 1683, died Lille, Fr. 1750 (brothers?). There is reason to believe other documents, not in the NL, accompanied this map(note "lettre 8" and the conspicous absence of "J" and "K" in legend). Further,it is possible the "B." in signature is a stylized "P". I am attempting to acquire copies of other, unrelated, works of J.B. for comparison. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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