From: "Roberto L. Mayer"
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000
Subject: Juan Lopez Map

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About three weeks ago Bob Karrow revealed the existence of MapHist to me. In this short time I have learned a lot, how did I ever do without it? I immediately wrote a query about an 1803 engraved Juan Lopez map based on a MS map by Francisco Lopez Barreiro drawn in 1728 of which there is another version at the British Library manuscripts department drawn/engraved in 1771. I only got one inconclusive reply.

After I purchased the Lopez map I faxed (antediluvian method, but several years ago) a large number of libraries to find out where there might be another copy, only the Library of Congress replied that they have one.

Juan Lopez was too savvy to engrave this map as a true representation, it must have been printed for inclusion in a book, a number 11 at the upper right corner leads one to suspect this.

Today I learned that one can post illustrations in Maphist, so here goes a picture (better than 1000 words). Who has seen a copy of this map? Where? Has anybody seen it in an early 19th century book? In what book?

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