Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 00:27:09 PST
From: Piero Falchetta
Subject: Re: Map of Abraham Ortelius

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Original question:

From: Deckers Johan
Subject: map of Abraham Ortelius

It's for the first time I'm asking help from the subscribers of maphist. Hopefully, I'm succesfull.
In the atlas of Abraham Ortelius, edited in 1570, there's a worldmap. On Terra del Fuego I've found a mountain (hill) that's called: campaña de Roldan.

I have two questions about this campañ;
1) I've read somewhere that this mountain was named after Roldan de argote (Roeland van Brugge) who was a Flemish seamen on the first voyage around the world by Maggelanes? Can someone give me more information and is it true that this mountain was named after him?
Another explanation that refers to the 5 (?) Flemish seamen on that voyage is that campaña de Roldan refers to a famous bell in Gent (Belgium) named 'Klokke Roeland' (bell of Roeland).

2) Are there more maps known on which you can find that name and does this mountain or hill is now still named 'campaña de Roldan'?

A lot of questions, but it would mean a lot for me, if I can find any help on maphist?


Answer by Piero Falchetta

The place name campana de roldan appears on the map of the Pacific Ocean drawn by Battista Agnese in his 1554-1556 atlas (Biblioteca Marciana, Venezia, Ms. It. IV, 62 (5067), ff. 5v-6r). Since one of the main sources of Agnese was Diogo Ribeiro's map of 1529 (Carta universal en que se contiene todo lo que del mondo se ha descubierto fasta agora: Hizola Diego Ribero Cosmographo de su Magestad: Aqo de 1529. La qual se divide en dos partes conforme a la capitulagir que hizieron los catholicos Reyes de Espaqa y el Rey Don Juan de Portugal en la villa de Tordesillas: Aqo ne 1494. Roma, Collegio de Propaganda Fide), it is possible that campana de Roldan appears already on Ribeiro's map. See the image of the area.

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